The Intensive

The Intensive: A two-day Center for Church Communication event

Ready for your church to communicate better? Let us help you on your journey.

The Intensive (formerly known as Certification Lab) is a two-day concentrated workshop designed to help communicators from churches of all sizes improve their communications and marketing effort.

The format is a combination of lecture style (with some of today’s most renown church communication experts) combined with lab-style projects that leave people exhilarated, equipped, and empowered to communicate better.

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5 reasons to attend The Intensive

Hangout With the Instructors

What’s The Intensive like? Get a feel of the event and meet some of our instructors in this hangout video:

Note: The Intensive is formerly known as Certification Lab.

You can also watch other hangout videos: Atlanta (Advanced), Southern California, Atlanta & Nashville.

Ready to Get Better?

We’re proud to have an experienced team of instructors sharing their insights at each Intensive event. Here’s a taste of the kinds of wisdom you’ll get at The Intensive:

  1. If you feel like you’re doing it wrong, you’re not alone.
  2. Being teachable is essential if we are going to help our churches make progress. Learn how to embrace change.
  3. Three simple phrases: “Thanks so much. Help me. I’m stuck.” You’re not the only church communicator struggling to keep up.
  4. How to handle communication requests from multiple ministries without chaos.
  5. How to do church service planning in advance.
  6. We need to redefine excellence. It’s not about measuring up, but making the most.
  7. The best marketing strategy is to just stay calm and tackle it one bite at a time.
  8. As church communicators, we need to create and enforce boundaries within the church staff.
  9. Communicators need a seat at the table.
  10. Here are four ways to engage volunteers.

What Do the Participants Say?

“I walked away with a confidence I didn’t have when I walked into the room.” –Jenny Rain

“One of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done for myself and my ministry.” –Julie Snyder

“Learned more about communications today than I have in the past year.” –Robert Carnes

“You’ll return home with renewed enthusiasm, ideas and best practices.” –Pam Stith


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Let’s Go

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