The site to frustrate, educate and motivate the church to communicate, with uncompromising clarity, the truth of Jesus Christ

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Our mission is to frustrate, educate and motivate the church to communicate, with uncompromising clarity, the truth of Jesus Christ.

Church Marketing Sucks is a part of the Center for Church Communication, a nonprofit organization where courageous storytellers are welcome.

Something’s wrong with your church. Something’s wrong with the Church. Church marketing efforts and communication in general suck. We’ve got the greatest story ever told, but we don’t know how to tell it. The church has a problem communicating, and it’s time to change.

We love the church, but it needs some help. Typos, cheesy logos, and bad clip art aren’t helping the cause. But snazzy marketing won’t save this ship, either. It’s not about being perfect, but there’s a better way to communicate. It’s authentic, it’s loving, and it knows how to spell.

This isn’t simply about putting butts in pews or selling glossy postcards. It’s about helping the church be the Church, and seeing lives changed as a result. If helping the church communicate better allows one person to finally glimpse the gospel, then our work has been worthwhile. It may be fuzzy math, but God can worry about that.

Good. So are we. For too long the church has been the object of scorn and Christians have been the reason people turn away from Christianity. It’s time to change.

If you’re offended by our use of the word ‘sucks,’ we do offer an alternative url,, and we’d encourage you to check out our rationale for using the word ‘sucks.’

Not Offended?
Good. You can help. If you think you know what you’re doing, if you think your church’s marketing doesn’t suck, then come alongside and get involved.

Our Team

What’s in it for Us?

A lot. We want to see this name changed to as soon as possible. All of us behind this project are communicators. From writers and designers to businessmen and creative pastors, we all want to help the church communicate better.

The reality is that we all have day jobs, too. Many of us make a living at the very thing we’re asking churches to do: design better, write better, communicate better. Are we asking churches to hire us? Nope. Do we need them to hire us to put food on the table? Nope. Would we turn a church away if they did want to hire us? Probably not. is an idea, not a business. You’ll notice there is limited advertising, no pop-ups, no gimmicks. We’re a part of the nonprofit Center for Church Communication, whose mission is to help churches communicate better. What’s in it for us is what’s in it for the church: not sucking.

Legalese & Disclaimers

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Reviews: We often review resources and sometimes publishers and creators send us those resources for free in hopes that we’ll review them.

Copyright: All material on this site is owned by CFCC. While it is available online and through RSS, that does not constitute permission to reprint material. Without permission you are welcome to link to our site or any of our content or excerpt up to 200 words of our content (or not more than 50%, for posts shorter than 200 words), as long as you include a link to the original content. Our permission is required for any reposting, reprinting or translation.

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