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August 20, 2008 by

2008_08_19atheistbillboard.jpgWe’ve talked about billboards a lot. No, really. A lot.

But here’s a little something different. Coming to you courtesy of DJ Chuang’s Twitter, here’s sort of the opposite of a church marketing billboard. It’s an atheist marketing billboard. Kind of clever, but I have to say, chalk up a victory to the church for having better and more clever billboard marketing.

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Joshua Cody

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8 Responses to “Atheists Marketing Billboard”

  • Brian Westley
    August 20, 2008

    Hey c’mon, this is just a low-key brand-awareness campaign to show people that atheists really exist.
    Here’s a better shot (different physical billboard, I think; same art):
    There have been a few others, too:
    I’d be interested in what church billboards are “more clever”; most are pretty lame from an atheist’s point of view.

  • MarkVW
    August 20, 2008

    The funny thing about this billboard, is that the ‘you are not alone’ line could actually go at least 2 ways – ie. “You are not alone, because there are others who don’t believe in God”, or “You are not alone (in this universe), because there really is a God”. I guess the weblink gives a pretty strong clue to which way they’re heading though ;)

  • Brian Westley
    August 20, 2008

    Speak of the devil, here’s an article about one of the billboards, and a sort of religious billboard war:
    I think we can at least agree that advertising that works can be considered successful; from the above story:
    According to Martha Knox, coordinator of PhillyCoR, her group’s billboard proved effective: Every group in PhillyCoR’s coalition saw increased attendance and interest after the advertisement went up. The Arizona and Colorado Coalitions of Reason, inspired by the positive message and response, will be launching similar billboards in other areas.

  • sean
    August 21, 2008

    the layered meaning presents an interesting guerrilla possibility for an enterprising church thereabouts.
    i would run it by a legal guy first,
    but a church should get some paste and pop up their own message over the bottom.
    don’t believe in god/ you are not alone
    it is a perfect into to a series for sceptics.
    and as a defense, it is an ongoing public discussion.
    cover your buts, go all ‘god’s smuggler’ and just plaster up “God”

  • Kirk Longhofer
    August 21, 2008

    Frankly… this is best church related billboard I’ve ever seen. This is world class. Far stronger copy and better than any church sponsored campaign.
    If the web address here tied to a church site to promote a series on the existance of God… killer!

  • Brian Westley
    August 22, 2008

    If the web address here tied to a church site to promote a series on the existance of God… killer!
    I very much doubt that. People who already are convinced don’t need convincing, and all the theological arguments I’ve ever seen purporting to show the existence of god(s) are based on invalid emotional arguments and faulty logic, and almost certainly wouldn’t convince any atheists that happened upon the website.

  • Tami
    December 9, 2008

    Flamingo Road Church in Cooper City Florida did a series called RationaLIES using billboards that read things like “Flamingo Road Church Sucks!” & “Don’t go to Flamingo Road Church this Easter.” The series was AMAZING!
    The Current Series is called 25 days to INSPIRE the world! The website has posts from those who are giving gifts and those who have received gifts as well. Check it OUT!

  • Is this like their way of encouraging each other? I think it is very smart in that way and it is a good attention graber. I think many churches could learn a thing or two from it.
    I remember those messages that read “We need to talk. -God”

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