Church Marketing Lab: Themed Designs

Church Marketing Lab: Themed Designs

August 9, 2013 by

One of my favorite types of designs in the Church Marketing Lab are multiple-pieces that have a common theme. For example, here is Paul Snyder’s recent post:

3 truths posters

He states, these are “three posters for our children’s ministry hallway that reflect the ‘3 truths’ that they work on each week. I wanted to design something that would be fun and colorful, that would follow a morning/day/night motif. Most of the elements are modified stock.”

Another example of the multi-piece themed design would be Abby Smith’s “Go” sermon series art:

Go Sermon Series

Of course, themed designs are not the only types of designs that appear in the Lab. You can upload any church marketing-related artwork to the Lab for feedback and inspiration. You can also jump in and add to the conversation in the discussion forum there.

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