Ed Young’s Sexperiment

Ed Young’s Sexperiment

January 12, 2012 by

Megachurch pastor Ed Young is going to be spending Friday the 13th in bed. Oh don’t worry, he’ll still be at the church where he works, in fact he’ll be on top of the church…

in bed…

with his wife…

for 24 hours straight…

live streaming for the world to see.

It’s all for the release of Young’s latest book, Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse. The core of the book seems to be a sexual challenge to married couples around the world, calling them to have sex with their spouse for seven straight days. Ed and his wife, Lisa, boast that the benefits of this simple challenge will far outlast the week itself.

The premise of the challenge is simple and clear: Have sex with your spouse once a day for seven consecutive days. It may not seem like a lot on its surface, but the implications of having sex for a week, as you discover reading this book, are much more intricate and will produce long-lasting results. For one week of your life, if you decide to take it on and get it on, the Sexperiment is designed to help you realize just how much sexual intimacy can do for your marriage.

As the senior pastor of Fellowship Church in Texas, Young is known for out-of-the-box teaching and creative illustrations. I was once at a large pastor’s conference in Florida where Young was brought in to speak on the subject of creativity and I still have the notes from the session. It’s undeniable the impact Young has had on pastors, especially pastors who are passionate about reaching the next generation. Young’s methods are intentional and thought-provoking, and his recent book is sure to be no different.

Sex in the Church?
I believe it is important for the church to talk about the benefits of a healthy sex life in marriage. The church’s history communicating about sex hasn’t exactly been stellar. Most church members would spend a sex-based sermon blushing and avoiding eye contact with their fellow pew-mates rather than diligently taking notes. So allow me to say kudos to Young and his wife for tackling a subject of importance.

A Little Overboard?
Having said all that, I’m not sure spending all day in bed, with your wife, on the top of your church, online is the best way to market your new book. It reminds me of Quinten Tarantino. Tarantino is a film director who makes what I would describe as a 15-year-old boy’s dream movie; lots of gore, girls, foul language and anything else a hormonal teenage boy might add into a movie. As an adult, and especially as a Christian adult, I watch his movies and think, “Really? That much blood?” What’s the point?

Young’s publicity stunt seems a little unnecessary, and unoriginal. He’s not the first person to put a bed on stage (Ellen and Oprah both did) and he’s certainly not the first pastor to talk about sex (Granger Community Church did some controversial stuff years ago). Granted he might be the first pastor on his roof with his wife, but really… what’s the point?

Why on top of your church?

Why not in your office or on the stage of your main sanctuary?

Why not over coffee? (The Washington Post’s review said, “Young writes like he’s sitting across the table, talking directly to you.” Awkward.)

Why streaming live?

With so many questions like this, it seems unnecessary, similar to the unnecessary excess of a Tarantino movie. What’s the point? It feels like you’re doing it just to do it, and it’s so clearly a gimmick to get me to buy your new book that it turns me off.

Chasing Cool
After all, Young is the pastor who accused other pastors of “chasing cool,” when they used profanity to appeal to the masses. Lounging in your pjs, with your wife on the top of your church seems like the same sort of craziness.

Young once coauthored a book with Andy Stanley titled, Can We Do That?: Innovative Practices That Will Change the Way You Do Church. I gotta hand it to him on this one, this certainly is a different way of doing church. Technically there’s nothing biblically wrong with his methods—they won’t actually be having sex on the roof. But there’s enough sensuality to make you wonder. Mainstream marketers have known for years that sex sells, so is this just the church playing catch up? There’s no doubt Young’s ‘bed-in’ on top of his church will generate enough buzz to goose his book sales, but in the end is it worth the gimmicks?

All we can ask now is what won’t Ed Young do?

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16 Responses to “Ed Young’s Sexperiment”

  • Doug
    January 12, 2012

    Wait….I’m confused (and I’m being completely serious). He’s going to livestream sex on the roof of his church?

    • Kevin D. Hendricks
      January 12, 2012

      No Doug. “They won’t actually be having sex on the roof.” They’ll be talking about sex, in bed, all day, streaming on the web… but no actual sex taking place.

  • Vivian
    January 12, 2012

    Crazy … I think Ed Young has bought into his own hype as ‘cool’ and has gone completely overboard with this stunt. Wonder why we can’t just rely on the Word of God to direct our paths, instead of following some egocentric figurehead’s latest marketing ploy?

  • Amanda
    January 12, 2012

    I think the “new approach” method has gotten carried away from Gods Holy word. What happened to the fear of the Lord? Since when is the bible not enough anymore? Why can’t preachers just preach Jesus?!? We do not need this in this church. It is sensualism and it is of the devil. We need repentance and revival!! We need the Holy Spiri’s fresh fire and rain! Give me Jesus and keep your marketing trash out of His house! No marketing gimmick will ever compare to the glory of Jesus Christ. There are no hidden answers in the wildest method, Jesus alone is the answer. He is enough for me.

    • David W. Carroll
      January 12, 2012

      Amanda, are you a reader of The Bible? The Jesus of The Bible was viewed as a lunatic in His day for the manner in which he delivered His message. Jesus’s methodology (marketing?) was to grab their attention through whatever method necessary. You can’t deliver The Gospel until you have an audience. God is the Creator of creativity and using modern and creative methods to deliver the Gospel is how we are wired and it is often times what it takes. Amanda, you obviously don’t need a “new approach” because you confess you already know who God is (although you are quick to judge.) Why are there so many churches in America that don’t grow? I’d venture to guess it’s because no one other than the old congregation know they exist. I am glad Ed Young steps out of the mold of the traditional pastor and finds ways to take the Gospel to the masses. Just do a quick google search… I’d say Friday’s “event” will be discussed by almost every media outlet in the country. And his message will be straight from The Bible on a VERY relevant topic. Will your pastor reach that type of audience this weekend? This year? In his career? (Doubt it.) Let’s stop judging the method and focus on the message… and pray for results for The Kingdom.

    • Mike Silsby
      January 4, 2013

      and your church is dying.

  • David
    January 12, 2012

    Well said Amanda

  • Julie
    January 12, 2012

    Young’s 7 Day challenge for the taboo topic is touchy enough (no pun intended) for most Christians. Why take promoting the book so close to “too far”?

  • Charity
    January 12, 2012

    Healthy marriages contain sex…and lots of it! Free from fear and judgment; naked and unashamed. God designed it that way. A husband and wife in bed in public talking about sex is not “of the devil”. So much for “judge not…” We don’t know if God has told Him to do this, but we sure can watch for the fruit of this labor to know if it’s of Him.

  • Dbrooks
    January 13, 2012

    Ive Grown up in the Methodist church all my life and for some reason the topic of sex has been quite taboo. I’ve always abhorred this – sure sex is to be between a man and wife but if the church doesn’t discuss it on a regular basis then that’s what makes it become taboo and very nearly leads young people to think the church doesn’t support it as a gift from god. Anywho if Ed young wants to approach the topic in a different way – kudos to him! I know I’ll be showing this book to my wife and begging for us to take the challenge! :)

  • Michael Buckingham
    January 13, 2012

    It’s most definitely gimmicky. No doubt about that. And honestly, not a huge fan of the stunt, especially because the end goal is to sell books and we hardly need the church equated with gimmicks.

    But while I’m not a big Ed Young fan, just not my style and seems to try to hard to be cool, I like that he takes chances and lets creative lead the way. Even if that path is a bit out there.

    And…it worked, lets face it, the church is awfully uptight when it comes to talking about sex and we’re talking about him and his book about sex. (though not talking so much about Jesus)

  • Terri
    January 24, 2012

    I saw a interview on television about it and thought it was not very innovative, kept having flashbacks of Yoko and John Lennon.

    Surely they can think of something a bit more original!

  • Tommy
    January 24, 2012

    I think some of you are missing the point. I think Ed is stepping out of ‘Spreading the Gospel’ for a bit and talking to those who are already saved and more specifically, the family. The family is under massive attack right now from the media and many other places. And intimacy is very important for a husband and wife. Ergand Caner once said, “Women, you may want intimacy, but men NEED it.” And regrettably, if we don’t find it at home, we may go looking for it elsewhere.

    Ed is trying to show us how to become closer and stronger as husband and wife and yes, sex is a way to draw close to each other. God intended for us, BETWEEN husband and wife to have sex and to have it often.

    AND, this isn’t Ed’s ministry, this is a book he’s written.

    It is possible for a pastor to have a message that isn’t salvation centered from time to time. And since none of us have read the book, who’s to say that the message of salvation isn’t in there?

    We have to make sure the family is solid. It is paramount.

    My $.02 – let the attacks begin.

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