Business Savvy Pastors in High Demand

August 24, 2005 by

A recent article reports that pastors and church leaders with business and marketing backgrounds are in high demand. And more church leaders have those skills since 2 in 3 seminarians are over 30, giving them time to have business experience. Plus of men in seminary, the most common educational background was technical science, including business, communications, and computer science.

Churches are seeing the need and value for marketing, and seeking it out, whether it’s on-staff expertise or outside experts.

Too bad not everybody gets it.

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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4 Responses to “Business Savvy Pastors in High Demand”

  • Anne Jackson
    August 25, 2005

    As much as that stuff is important, please don’t misunderstand, I think it’s absolutely necessary for a pastor (at least a SP) to also have the calling of God on his life to be a pastor. I know you’re not disagreeing in your post, but just trying to add to the perspective.

  • kevin
    August 25, 2005

    I guess I assume a calling from God to be a pastor would go without saying.

  • Ronald Hudson
    July 15, 2011

    Too many pastors want a return without investment.
    I invite many to join me in getting a global thing done.
    I am into information technologies and am going global to computer spares.
    The market is big right here South America & in the Caribbean.

  • Ronald Hudson
    July 15, 2011

    Pastors need money to function and many knows it will not come from the church as always. Pastors do their jobs much joyfully when their financial needs are met. So stop the pretense and let’s get to work.

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