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poll-results Article
October 5, 2010

Outrageous Asks Poll Results

In the past year, churches have made some high-dollar asks, and we've covered they way they've communicated these requests. Which ask did you find most egregious?

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Rod Parsley’s Airplane: Lessons in Financial Communication
September 13, 2010

Rod Parsley’s Airplane: Lessons in Financial Communication

We find lessons in financial communication for local churches from a fundraising plea by megachurch pastor and televangelist Rod Parsley asking for $1 million to buy an airplane.

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first-impressions-beyond Article
April 7, 2010

Missions Giving vs. Building Fund

My wife and I visited a church we had never been to over Easter weekend. Overall it was a very welcoming community with diversity in the pews and on the ...

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church-business Article
January 11, 2010

Saddleback’s Big Ask

You might have heard that Rick Warren made headlines last week with his end-of-year financial ask: They needed $900,000. They got $2.4 million. Some lauded their commitment to stay within ...

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philosophy Article
May 10, 2006

The Church & Money: Plasma TV or Feed the Poor?

It’s an age old debate—where to spend the church’s money. Is our money better suited going to the poor or to a new website? The AIDS crisis or a coffee ...

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technology Article
May 1, 2006

Is Jesus the Next Killer App?

You know what they say: follow the money. And there’s lots of it coming from churches trying to match audio/video wits with MTV, concerts and TV. So the big guys ...

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