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graphic-design Article
2 Comments » August 31, 2009

Inside the Creative Process at North Point

Many of you have heard of North Point Community Church or their lead pastor Andy Stanley. They were one of the pioneers of the attractional church model, and to this ...

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examples Article
6 Comments » August 28, 2009

Another Word for ‘Church’?

My wife and I traveled to Hawaii a few weeks ago for a co-worker’s wedding. We stayed over an extra day and attended a church service in downtown Honolulu with ...

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demographicsresearch Article
9 Comments » August 27, 2009

Still Don’t Think Social Media Matters?

Many pastors still think technologies haven’t caught on or that investing in social media isn’t worth their church’s time. Next time you hear that from someone, perhaps you could share ...

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poll-results Article
No Comments » August 26, 2009

Fall Conferences Poll Results

If you browse through our Events Lab, you’ll see there’s no shortage of conferences over the next few months. There are some really great ones out there run by people ...

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events Article
1 Comment » August 26, 2009

A Conference of Compassion

If you look at our calendar, you’ll see that there are a lot of conferences out there–one for everyone. There’s one right around the corner that sets itself apart for ...

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evangelism-outreach Article
No Comments » August 25, 2009

Is Your Church Communicating Love?

Kevin recently penned “The Episcopal Church: Come Watch Us Argue Over Gay People”, and Tim Schraeder added to the conversation with “Love is an Orientation”. His article is a wonderful reminder ...

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reviews Article
1 Comment » August 24, 2009

A Multi-Site Church Road Trip

by Danette Griffith, Guest Blogger A Multi-Site Church Road Trip is for leaders in the church who read A Multi-Site Church Revolution and thought, “Wow, this could be us.” This follow-up ...

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events Article
No Comments » August 21, 2009

SXSW for Your Church

Plenty of you have surely heard of South by Southwest (SXSW) before. And some of you probably know that you can vote for what sessions are held at SXSW 2010. ...

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poll-results Article
No Comments » August 20, 2009

Church Traffic Jams Poll Results

Recently, we discussed Mark Batterson’s joy at finding a church traffic jam in Texas. For some, including Mark, this was an immediate cause for rejoicing. For others, it was cause ...

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the-christian-walk Article
11 Comments » August 19, 2009

7 is greater than 1

7 is greater than 1. I know that sounds obvious, but as this video from Soul City Church reminds us, we seem to forget that when it comes to church. ...

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social-justice Article
9 Comments » August 18, 2009

Adoption Over Abortion: We’ll Take Any Baby

One Atlanta church has a bold challenge to anyone considering abortion: “Peachtree Presbyterian Church will care for any newborn baby you bring to this church.” So says Pastor Vic Pentz in ...

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church-business Article
8 Comments » August 17, 2009

Recession Squeezes Churches

The Wall Street Journal recently covered the financial strain churches are facing as the recession continues. It’s really the same story we’ve seen before with churches tightening budgets, laying folks ...

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brand-identity Article
12 Comments » August 12, 2009

Your Slogan/Name Is Not A Strategy

It appears Radio Shack is attempting to rebrand itself as “The Shack.” They say it’s what their friends call them. Have you ever met a friend of Radio Shack? I ...

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poll-results Article
4 Comments » August 11, 2009

Preaching Poll Results

Recently, John Piper came down on extracurricular activities during sermons. It ignited a great debate in the comments, so we wanted to break it down into some totally unscientific data ...

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off-the-wall Article
4 Comments » August 11, 2009

How Bad Is Your Children’s Ministry?

For a church in Utah it was apparently bad enough to prompt a 7-year-old to steal the family car and drive himself home. The boy told his father he didn’t ...

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