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news-updates Article
No Comments » January 30, 2009

CMS Voted Best Ministry Blog: Thanks

We don’t do what we do for recognition… but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel great to get it every now and then. So… I was thrilled, no amazed, no ...

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evangelism-outreach Article
8 Comments » January 29, 2009

NFL Allows Church Super Bowl Parties

After banning church Super Bowl parties in the past, the NFL has relented and is allowing churches to show the big game, provided they don’t charge for the event or ...

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peer-review Article
No Comments » January 29, 2009

Church Marketing Lab: Worship logos to 80-Year-Old Mailers

We’re always overwhelmed to find that some members in the Church Marketing Lab don’t even know what Church Marketing Sucks is. And vice versa. Surely some of you stumble upon ...

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building-design Article
1 Comment » January 29, 2009

Friendly Reminder: Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

At a church in Atlanta, a dozen people had to be taken to the hospital recently due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Now surely, no one meant for this to happen. But ...

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first-impressions-beyond Article
6 Comments » January 28, 2009

Dealing With Your Church’s Bad Drivers

We’ve talked before about rep’in your church with pride. But sometimes, the people in your church didn’t even do anything that bad. Other people are just too doggone picky. Take this ...

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poll-results Article
5 Comments » January 27, 2009

Church Burnout Poll Results

Recently, we talked with Anne Jackson about her new book Mad Church Disease. She was involved directly in church communications when she found herself in the hospital dealing with stress-related ...

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church-business Article
2 Comments » January 27, 2009

Recession-Proof Your Church

New layoffs are announced each week and the unemployment numbers keep rising. Talk of recession-proofing your life is becoming more and more common, and with shrinking giving the church is ...

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events Article
2 Comments » January 26, 2009

Catalyst West Coast Discount

Lots of folks have lamented the east coast bias in major church conferences. Innovate is in Indiana, MinistryCOM is usually somewhere in the Midwest, Catalyst is in Atlanta, and the ...

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peer-review Article
No Comments » January 23, 2009

Church Marketing Lab on Twitter

Yesterday we talked about Twitter, and I’m sure tons of you out there are already using the service. I know the four of us at Church Marketing Sucks are. But ...

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technology Article
13 Comments » January 22, 2009

It’s Twitter Time for Your Church

Anthony Coppedge recently released a $5 e-book entitled The Reason Your Church Must Twitter. It covers everything from what in the world a Twitter is to how your church can ...

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church-business Article
20 Comments » January 21, 2009

Churches and Copyright

Admittedly, churches struggle with copyright concerns. We had the church-NFL debacle awhile back, and a search for “copyright” yields a small book worth of information. We contacted a few people to ...

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poll-results Article
1 Comment » January 20, 2009

Mobile Site Poll Results

More and more churches have been going mobile with their web sites. It seems that even kitchen spatulas have built-in wifi now, and just about everyone is browsing the web ...

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writing-editing Article
No Comments » January 20, 2009

Getting To the Point

There are two things I’m very fond of when it comes to good communication: 1. That the communicator has a point, and2. That the communicator makes that point in a timely ...

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social-justice Article
No Comments » January 19, 2009

Reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the great lessons of the radical we celebrate today, Martin Luther King Jr., is that change requires action: “One of the great tragedies of life is that men seldom ...

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peer-review Article
3 Comments » January 16, 2009

Church Marketing Lab: Thanks to our Moderators

These days, the Church Marketing Lab is still gaining momentum. We’re at over 7,000 pieces of work, and the community is thriving like never before. One of the big reasons ...

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