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technology Article
4 Comments » November 28, 2008

Texting to Keep Members

Target Marketing Magazine recently published a case study called Retaining the Flock. They take a look at the way one church is making their church more sticky–text messaging. Their pastor ...

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technology Article
7 Comments » November 25, 2008

Church ‘Walls’ with Graffiti

I received an e-mail the other day from someone—I’ll call him Dave—who is struggling with the idea of using social media sites like Facebook for their church community. He was ...

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poll-results Article
No Comments » November 25, 2008

Church Marketing Lab Poll Results

85% of you know how fond we are of the Church Marketing Lab. (And another 15% of you are either first-time visitors or a little inattentive.) But we wanted to ...

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church-business Article
1 Comment » November 24, 2008

Getting Generous With Your Offering

Waterfront Church has a unique model of marketing themselves as a generous church. They are giving away 100% of what they receive in their offerings to local charities. …members do ...

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link-round-up Article
2 Comments » November 21, 2008

Church Marketing Around the Web

Here are some of the stories from the past week that have caught our eye but not quite made it all the way to becoming posts, just in case you ...

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think-ahead Article
4 Comments » November 21, 2008

Marketing to the Last Generation

You’ve probably been to some church event with “next” in the title. Whether it’s “the leadership filter for what’s next in the church” or “the mega super definitive conference for ...

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the-christian-walk Article
2 Comments » November 20, 2008

Why Do You Do What You Do?

I see too many people in ministry, whether it’s a pastor, media director or office assistant who would have a difficult time telling you why they do what they do. ...

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first-impressions-beyond Article
3 Comments » November 19, 2008

Trojan Horses, Purple Cows and Broken Windows: An Ode to Mark Batterson

“The greatest message deserves the greatest marketing.” That’s a quote that Mark Batterson repeats again and again, and he lives by it. But that’s not all he has to say about ...

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poll-results Article
2 Comments » November 18, 2008

Church Hiring Poll Restuls

Who should we hire? That’s a problem churches run in to all the time as they grow. But how to hire isn’t a question with an answer that’s readily available. ...

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philosophy Article
20 Comments » November 18, 2008

Tony Morgan Thinks Churches Should Stop Marketing

Tony Morgan, chief strategic officer at NewSpring Church in Anderson, S.C., co-author of the Simply Strategic Series, former pastor at Granger Community Church and author of the soon-to-be-released Killing Cockroaches ...

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examples Article
5 Comments » November 17, 2008

Denominational Marketing Campaigns

Across the nation, denominations are finding themselves in financial and ethical trouble. As they look to maintain a centralized model of connecting individuals with local churches, they face problems ranging ...

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peer-review Article
2 Comments » November 14, 2008

Church Marketing Lab: Annual Reports and Quarterly Newsletters

It’s not only flashy postcards, sermon slides and intro videos that can be submitted to the Church Marketing Lab. Even something as mundane as an annual church report needs good ...

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resources Article
9 Comments » November 13, 2008

A Church Marketing Podcast

If you’re the podcasting type, you might want to check out a new podcast that’s starting off by hitting on church marketing. It’s essentially just two friends who don’t agree on ...

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philosophy Article
9 Comments » November 12, 2008

Thinking About Churches

Overheard on a local college campus: Person 1: Are churches really non-profits? Person 2: They aren’t taxed, I’m pretty sure they are. Person 1: Hmm… I guess I don’t ever really think about ...

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first-impressions-beyond Article
5 Comments » November 11, 2008

Making Churches Safe

If you do something as simple as watch the news for a few minutes, you’ll see that this world isn’t 100% safe. Watch for a few weeks, and you’ll probably see ...

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