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building-design Article
1 Comment » October 31, 2008

Building Momentum for Building a Church

If you’ve ever been in the midst of a building campaign for your church, you know that raising money for it sucks about 83% of the time. You have to ...

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peer-review Article
3 Comments » October 31, 2008

Church Marketing Lab: Copyright Time

In the Church Marketing Lab, we’ve got a call for copyright questions. Lots of people don’t really have a great understanding of copyright, from designers to pastors to volunteers, and ...

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resources Article
8 Comments » October 30, 2008

Church Metrics

Those digerati geniuses at have created a free, web-based application to track church statistics, ChurchMetrics. It’s a pretty simple tool that only tracks four core areas: attendance, giving, salvations ...

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news-updates Article
2 Comments » October 29, 2008

Getting Involved in Local Labs

At Church Marketing Sucks, we love Local Labs. You might have a couple questions: What are they? They are groups of church communicators in a specific area who get together to ...

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poll-results Article
7 Comments » October 29, 2008

Halloweening Poll Results

It’s only a few days until that strange time of year where churches get all riled up on opposing sides of the debate and argue until they’re blue in the ...

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first-impressions-beyond Article
6 Comments » October 28, 2008

The Mystery Worshipper Phenomenon

Mystery shoppers for churches seem to be the latest rage. There was the recent Wall Street Journal article, we mentioned it last week, the Tennessean covered it Sunday and Anne ...

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events Article
No Comments » October 28, 2008

MinistryCOM 2008 On Audio & Video

If you’re new to this conversation about church marketing and communication, one of the great resources available to us is MinistryCOM. This annual event started in Houston four years ago ...

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first-impressions-beyond Article
4 Comments » October 27, 2008

The Illusion of Community, Part 2

This is part two in a series about the illusion of community. Part one was about online community networks. Today, let’s talk about how we’re doing at building community in ...

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news-updates Article
No Comments » October 27, 2008

Welcome to the Ad Network!

We’re very happy to welcome three new members to the CFCC Ad Network. If you keep your eye on the right sidebar on our family of sites, you’ll see them ...

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peer-review Article
1 Comment » October 24, 2008

Church Marketing Lab: Discuss!

One of the most frequent requests we get is, “What do you think of [blank]?” And our reply usually is a gentler form of “Go to the Church Marketing Lab!” ...

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link-round-up Article
6 Comments » October 24, 2008

This Week in Church Marketing

A few stories have run across the figurative desks here at Church Marketing Sucks over the week, and you’ve probably caught them at other places on the ol’ Internet. But ...

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off-the-wall Article
2 Comments » October 23, 2008

The Church Logo Scorecard

Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like has posted his guide to creating the holiest church logo possible. It’s very funny, as usual from him, and it’s particularly pertinent to church ...

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poll-results Article
4 Comments » October 22, 2008

Re-branding Poll Results

Warning: bad news ahead. We are all about churches communicating clearly and effectively, in case you were unaware. One great way to do that is through a brand. It ties everything ...

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social-justice Article
1 Comment » October 22, 2008

Methodists Go Fair Trade

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard a good example of churches clamoring towards social justice in their marketing efforts, but it looks like the United Methodists are headed that direction. With ...

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examples Article
5 Comments » October 21, 2008

Paying Couples to Date

Here’s an interesting hook: Come to our church and get free dates with your spouse! That’s what Elevation Church did recently to promote a recent series and encourage husbands to “date ...

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