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philosophy Article
7 Comments » September 30, 2008

Church Marketing Rocks

I pointed out something on Twitter recently, and I never could really put my finger on what aggravated me so much. And today I heard a radio ad for SportsCenter ...

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writing-editing Article
2 Comments » September 29, 2008

The Bible Style Guide

Think Christian reported on English site Bite My Blog publishing the Bible Style Guide. Why does it matter to you, besides our contractual obligation to let you know of anything ...

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peer-review Article
1 Comment » September 26, 2008

Church Marketing Lab: Logos, Shirts and More

The Church Marketing Lab is now the proud home of nearly 2,500 members and over 6,000 pieces of work. Wow! What does that mean for you? That there’s a great ...

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off-the-wall Article
9 Comments » September 25, 2008

Your Church Smells

Endorphin branding. Does your church do it? Maybe I should tell you what it is first. Per Newsweek (reporting a P.R. e-mail), endorphin branding is “the use of scent as a ...

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the-christian-walk Article
19 Comments » September 24, 2008

Church and Politics Don’t Mix

In a little more than a month we’ll be having a presidential election in the United States. It’s a big deal and I encourage everyone eligible to vote. But I ...

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poll-results Article
1 Comment » September 23, 2008

Mass Communication Poll Results

There are a thousand ways to communicate these days. Back when my parents’ grandparents’ grandparents’ parents’ were kids, there was only one: hitch up a wagon, get your machete and ...

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news-updates Article
6 Comments » September 23, 2008

You Know You’re in Church Communications If…

Admit it, if you’re reading this site, you have a little indention in your head from all the times you’ve smashed it against your desk in frustration. You’re sick and ...

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reviews Article
10 Comments » September 18, 2008

Sticky Church, Close the Back Door

Earlier this summer, our friends at the Leadership Network sent us a pre-galley of Larry Osborne’s latest book, Sticky Church. It comes out next month and you’re going to want ...

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evangelism-outreach Article
No Comments » September 17, 2008

Churches in Action

We get on churches a lot. We give them a tough time, and we point out when they seem foolish or ill-prepared. So I’m glad Outreach magazine is out there. ...

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poll-results Article
No Comments » September 16, 2008

Freebies Poll Results

Like it or not, we’ve all been to church at least once before for the free stuff. For me, it was free Chick-fil-a that started my journey of faith. So ...

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social-justice Article
7 Comments » September 16, 2008

Social Media, Stories and Your Church

I love my blog. Some days, I stay up until midnight working on it. Quite honestly, I tend to obsess over it. Yet, I know it’s worth the time investment ...

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peer-review Article
1 Comment » September 15, 2008

Church Marketing Lab: All in Who You Know

The Church Marketing Lab, for those of you that don’t know, has two facets: the photo pool and the discussion board. It’s great to see when both get used. That ...

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reviews Article
14 Comments » September 12, 2008

Spend Less, Reach More

In Spend Less, Reach More: A Pastor’s Guide to Reaching the Most People for the Least Amount of Money, David Jones takes a rare look at marketing and its costs. ...

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events Article
No Comments » September 11, 2008

Coming Soon in the Events Lab

Last time we let you know the latest in the Events Lab, it was for August and September. But now it’s time to take a look at October, the biggest ...

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think-ahead Article
4 Comments » September 10, 2008

Planning Lessons From South Park

When someone from my team e-mailed me this South Park clip, I knew this would both incite and resonate with so many well-intentioned church leaders. The 37-second clip is a ...

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