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events Article
No Comments » June 28, 2008

Fresh From the Events Lab

We just updated the Events Lab, and if you’ve got some frequent flyer miles you’re looking to kill, we have some suggestions for you. Here’s what’s on the slate for ...

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word-of-mouth Article
No Comments » June 27, 2008

Word of Mouth Marketing

Have you heard about Dave Balter? He’s the CEO and founder of the word of mouth organization BzzAgent and has just released the Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II. It’s ...

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peer-review Article
1 Comment » June 27, 2008

Church Marketing Lab: Compact Discs to E-mail Campaigns

This week in the Church Marketing Lab there’s been no shortage of great submissions. All sorts of media from shirts to compact discs to HTML e-mails have sported everything from ...

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graphic-design Article
14 Comments » June 26, 2008

Note to Boss: Stop Asking For Comps

Last week I wrote a note to designers and creatives about how they should stop providing multiple design comps. Today I direct the same message to the other side–the people ...

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philosophy Article
4 Comments » June 25, 2008

Inspiration or Invitation?

In churches, marketing efforts seem to go one of two ways—internally inspiring those who attend your church or externally inviting those who don’t yet attend. In what direction should your ministry’s ...

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evangelism-outreach Article
4 Comments » June 24, 2008

Like A Good Neighbor…

One church is having a problem. Outreach magazine looks at a growing church who can’t get permission from their city to move to a bigger location. Why, you ask? Well, ...

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poll-results Article
2 Comments » June 24, 2008

Inviting Friends Poll Results

File this poll under, “We’re curious.” It’s always a question floating around about how much marketing matters, where you should focus your marketing and whether it’s worth it. So we ...

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examples Article
No Comments » June 23, 2008

Guerrilla Marketing

WebUrbanist is in the midst of an eight-part series on guerrilla marketing. The examples used in the series are phenomenal, and they make me wonder, “Why the heck isn’t the ...

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technology Article
8 Comments » June 20, 2008

3 Ways to Sink Your E-mail Newsletter

That’s it. I tried to let it roll off my back, but no more. I’m sick of stupid mistakes in e-mail newsletters. If you want your e-mail newsletter to be ...

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peer-review Article
No Comments » June 20, 2008

Church Marketing Lab: Soak Posters to Prayer Cards

Some churches slow down their marketing for the summer. About half actually. But the Church Marketing Lab is there for those who just get hotter as the summer heats up. ...

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graphic-design Article
17 Comments » June 19, 2008

Note to Creatives: Stop Providing Comps

Graphic Designers: If you haven’t kicked the habit already, stop giving two to three design comps (or more) when you present key art ideas to your client or boss. Not ...

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resources Article
1 Comment » June 19, 2008

Alltop Marketing

If you love to sift through a mountain of marketing material with an eye toward what can help your church, then you need to check out Alltop Marketing. They pull ...

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church-business Article
4 Comments » June 18, 2008

Election Time

Calling all 501(c)(3) organizations. In all likelihood, that is your church. And with that tax-exempt status, you lose the right to endorse a candidate or oppose a candidate. It’s set ...

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the-christian-walk Article
10 Comments » June 17, 2008

Marketing Fear

Seth Godin addresses a topic particularly pertinent for the church–the marketing of fear. He tells a little story where he got an offer for insurance against invasion, carjacking and other ...

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poll-results Article
No Comments » June 17, 2008

Summertime Time Poll Results

Saturday is the first day of summer, in case you were unaware. Here in the southeast, it’s a little discouraging that most days are in the 90s, but it’s still ...

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