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technology Article
9 Comments » May 30, 2008

What Would Jesus Twitter?

We’ve been talking up Twitter–the 140-character message/mini-blog application that’s sweeping the early adopters–a lot in the past few weeks (Oh, and if you’re looking for church marketing Twitter friends, about ...

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peer-review Article
1 Comment » May 30, 2008

Church Marketing Lab: Here’s to the Next 5,000

The Church Marketing Lab has officially neared, reached and surpassed both 2,000 members and 5,000 posts. That’s a heckuva lot of folks helping one another sharpen their skills. Here’s just ...

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resources Article
2 Comments » May 29, 2008

7 Ways to Put the CFCC Network to Work for You

So you know about the Job Lab, Freelance Lab, Local Labs and the Church Marketing Lab. But here are a few ideas of ways to go outside of the norm ...

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first-impressions-beyond Article
9 Comments » May 28, 2008

Rep’in Your Church With Pride

Here’s a little story for you. The other day, I was in my local FedEx-Kinko’s, where I spend a lot of time. Bruce was helping me ship some packages, and then ...

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poll-results Article
No Comments » May 28, 2008

Video on Flickr Poll Results

This week, we asked how you are feeling about Flickr adding video awhile back. It was a pretty hot issue back in the day, with sides being drawn and battle ...

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reviews Article
8 Comments » May 27, 2008

Graphic Design and Religion: A Call for Renewal

“Religions must begin to see graphic design not as an expensive luxury or an unnecessary frivolity but as a steward of goodwill. Of course, design with no strategic context or ...

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events Article
No Comments » May 27, 2008

MinistryCOM Early Bird Deadline

If you’ve been keeping a watchful eye on our Events Lab, or if you’ve been reading us the last three years, you might know a little about MinistryCOM. For everyone ...

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examples Article
4 Comments » May 23, 2008

Know Your History: Episcopal Ad Project

While reading Graphic Design and Religion, I came across the Episcopal Ad Project of 1979. Apparently, Reverend Dr. George H. Martin decided he wanted to venture into advertising, which churches ...

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first-impressions-beyond Article
12 Comments » May 22, 2008

Church and High Gas Prices

Here’s a thought: Maybe more folks will be in town over the summer for church because of the spike in gas prices. At least that’s what the Minneapolis Star Tribune is ...

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evangelism-outreach Article
2 Comments » May 21, 2008

Share the Gospel in 140 Characters or Less

When you talk about marketing it’s easy to focus on design. But writing matters. A lot. Here’s a chance to sharpen your writing skills. Brian Baute has thrown down the ...

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examples Article
1 Comment » May 21, 2008 and Your Church

There’s been a lot of buzz going around about WeTheChurch. It’s a quick and easy way to share a prayer or a praise, and it’s a great way to spend ...

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poll-results Article
1 Comment » May 20, 2008

CFCC and HOW Poll Results

CFCC and HOW Design are official. If you missed out on that news, now you’re in the know. At the HOW Design Conference, Michael Buckingham led a session on behalf ...

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public-relations Article
10 Comments » May 20, 2008

Minnesota Church Files Restraining Order Against Autistic Boy

Have you seen this news story? The Church of St. Joseph, a Catholic church in Bertha, Minn., has filed a restraining order against 13-year-old Adam Race, a severely autistic boy, ...

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think-ahead Article
5 Comments » May 20, 2008

Innovation of Ideas

I don’t know about you, but oftentimes when I think of innovation, my mind immediately jumps to products or services. Things like the telephone, the assembly line, solar panels, airplanes ...

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news-updates Article
6 Comments » May 19, 2008

Last Call for Don’t Suck List 2.0

We’re just putting a last call out there for anyone who might want to help with our revision of the Don’t Suck List. We’ve had some great interest and volunteers ...

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