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peer-review Article
5 Comments » March 31, 2006

Church Marketing Lab Round Up #1

Yesterday we announced the new Church Marketing Lab, a place where you can help churches improve their communications. So let’s do it. Here’s a round up of church marketing samples ...

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church-business Article
10 Comments » March 31, 2006

Is Leadership Spiritual?

Christianity Today has an interesting debate between North Point Community Church’s Andy Stanley and the author of Good to Great, Jim Collins. Well, it’s not so much a debate. Both ...

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news-updates Article
No Comments » March 30, 2006

The Church Marketing Lab

It’s time for better church marketing. Want to help? Step into the lab and help churches improve their marketing and communications by taking part in our new Flickr group, the Church ...

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writing-editing Article
3 Comments » March 30, 2006

Writing for Busy People

After reading the Church Marketing Sucks guidelines for guest blogging, I came across this post from lead Firefox engineer, Ben Goodger. Ben writes: “It’s great when people make contributions ...

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think-ahead Article
17 Comments » March 29, 2006

Churches that Don’t Grow

Great post by Mark Wilson at Revitalize Your Church: Percentage of McDonald’s franchises that did not sell a hamburger last year: 0% Percentage of Ace Hardware stores that did not sell a ...

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public-relations Article
4 Comments » March 29, 2006

Church Publicity that Doesn’t Work

This week’s poll is asking about press releases, and while we’ve recently covered how to do press releases, we haven’t talked about how not to do press releases. Jamey Tucker ...

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mass-media Article
13 Comments » March 28, 2006

The UCC Ejector Pew Commercial

The United Church of Christ, known for their headline grabbing commercial that was rejected by the networks, is back with a new ejector pew commercial. This time around a traditional ...

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news-updates Article
No Comments » March 28, 2006

Want to Write For Us?

Join our team and become a guest blogger. We’re looking for people who can contribute to the conversation, beyond comments to the actual entries we comment about. We’ve made it ...

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poll-results Article
1 Comment » March 27, 2006

Monster Truck Poll

Last month we posted about a monster truck church ad and last week we asked for your thoughts on it. 75% appreciated the ad, with 22% noting the potential to ...

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off-the-wall Article
11 Comments » March 25, 2006

Church Members Beat Burglar

You don’t mess with the Church of the Nazarene in West Palm Beach, Fla. Church members were fed up after a string of burglaries, so they hid out in the ...

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philosophy Article
7 Comments » March 22, 2006

Why We Do This

I always love those reminders from God that help me get perspective on why in the world I’m busy about his business in the first place. Today’s reminder came from ...

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resources Article
2 Comments » March 22, 2006

More Church Cartoons

Church Cartoons is another site that offers comics for church newsletters and publications. Some may question the place of church humor in a church publication, but if it makes me laugh ...

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technology Article
No Comments » March 22, 2006

More Tips for Starting a Church Blog

Fortune offers a list of corporate blogging do’s and don’ts that are worth checking out for any church exploring the possibility of a blog: Know thyself Know thy audience Engage your audience Stay current Cover ...

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writing-editing Article
9 Comments » March 20, 2006

Starting a Church Style Guide

If you have any sort of background with words you understand the importance of a style guide. Is it Gospel or gospel? Are pronouns referring to God capitalized? Is it ...

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mass-media Article
3 Comments » March 20, 2006

Ad Mission

Speaking of things that happened back in February, we missed a story about a collective of Wisconsin churches that pooled their resources and bought local Super Bowl ads. It’s part ...

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