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philosophy Article
7 Comments » August 31, 2005

Making Sense Without Sense

While on the treadmill the other day at my local gym, a TV in the distance captivated me. I usually don’t care to watch the “devil box” (as my mother ...

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public-relations Article
8 Comments » August 30, 2005

Can You Hear the Voice of the Church?

If you thought Pat Robertson brought the church to a new public relations low, you haven’t heard of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kans. Let’s just say if you haven’t ...

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demographicsresearch Article
13 Comments » August 30, 2005

Why People Leave Church

People leave church for the stupidest reasons. Nearly three-quarters of people left U.K. churches because of a “disagreement on a range of issues, from the way the organ is played ...

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philosophy Article
5 Comments » August 29, 2005

Many Ways of Doing Church

You know what I love about the church? There’s no one right way of doing it. No where in the Bible do we find an order of service telling us ...

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philosophy Article
3 Comments » August 29, 2005

Real Live Preacher on Church Marketing

Real Live Preacher, the quasi-famous blogging pastor who recently published his first book,, ranted about church marketing recently. He complains about both churches doing marketing and businesses that market ...

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poll-results Article
6 Comments » August 29, 2005

Poll Results Suck

The results are in for last week’s poll asking if ‘sucks’ is a swear word. 57% said “@#*%, no!” which means if a simple majority decided morality we’d be good ...

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news-updates Article
4 Comments » August 26, 2005

Props from Relevant Magazine

The Sept/Oct 2005 issue of Relevant magazine just showed up in the mail, and while flipping through it I was surprised to see something familiar on page 67: Church Marketing ...

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evangelism-outreach Article
8 Comments » August 25, 2005

Multiple Church Services

Question: When should churches add another service? Answer: When the pews are full. Wrong. At least according to Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan of Granger Community Church in Granger, Ind. In their Rev ...

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first-impressions-beyond Article
9 Comments » August 25, 2005

Attracting a Crowd to Your Church

The latest issue of Rev magazine has an article from Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan of Granger Community Church in Granger, Ind. adapted from their book Simply Strategic Growth. The ...

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demographicsresearch Article
4 Comments » August 24, 2005

Business Savvy Pastors in High Demand

A recent article reports that pastors and church leaders with business and marketing backgrounds are in high demand. And more church leaders have those skills since 2 in 3 seminarians ...

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philosophy Article
3 Comments » August 24, 2005

The Message Drives the Marketing

A recent article touts the high demand of marketing skills in church leaders, but unfortunately the article doesn’t entirely get it. On several fronts. Civil Rights and MarketingThe article quotes a ...

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brand-identity Article
8 Comments » August 24, 2005

Erik Ticen on Church Branding

A few months ago I clipped an article from NRB Magazine, the self-proclaimed “premiere magazine of the Christian communications industry.” (Is it just me or does that statement sound like ...

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peer-review Article
7 Comments » August 23, 2005

Women’s Conference Marketing

A graphic designer is given the job of marketing and promoting a church’s women’s conference. Offer your input and ideas for this week’s peer review. Samples: Posters and a brochure for ...

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public-relations Article
12 Comments » August 23, 2005

Pat Robertson Assassinates Jesus

As you can expect, the news channels are swarmed with chatter over the latest stupid thing Pat Robertson has said: The U.S. should assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (watch the ...

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advertising Article
2 Comments » August 23, 2005

The Upside of the Downside

Authenticity in marketing and communication continues to be tried and tested. Whether it be the “real” women in the Dove campaign, the sincerity of a t-shirt from a church ...

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