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graphic-design Article
51 Comments » July 27, 2005

The Christian Imitation

Have you ever seen a “got pepsi?” T-shirt? No. Do you know why? Because Pepsi—and any other company and organization worth their salt—is smart enough to come up with something original. They ...

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philosophy Article
2 Comments » July 27, 2005

Mega Churches: Act of God or Marketing?

A recent article looks at mega churches and asks why they’re growing. Is it God, as most of the churches would say, or is it marketing, like the academics say? ...

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philosophy Article
1 Comment » July 26, 2005

Marketing without Marketing

I came across this interview with David A. Anderson, Senior Pastor of Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, Md., in Church Executive magazine in an article focusing on racial unity. This ...

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demographicsresearch Article
11 Comments » July 26, 2005

The Case of the Missing Church Members

Remember Encyclopedia Brown? He was cool. Solving all those complicated cases with quick thinking. Maybe the Southern Baptist Convention should call Encyclopedia. You see, they’re missing 10 million members. Of the ...

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writing-editing Article
2 Comments » July 25, 2005

The Importance of Punctuation

Signs at bus stops in North Miami Beach declared: Say ‘NO’ to Drugs from the NMB Police D.A.R.E Officers. See what happens when you don’t pay attention to grammar? A simple lack ...

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philosophy Article
5 Comments » July 25, 2005

Telling Stories

It’s no secret that Jesus’ use of parables in the New Testament continues to draw parallels to present day story telling. Using the arts—theater, photography, movies, books, and more—generation after ...

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news-updates Article
8 Comments » July 22, 2005

Church Marketing Sucks Celebrates One Year Online

Happy Birthday! Today is the one-year anniversary of Church Marketing Sucks. You may have noticed a redesign as part of the festivities. We also sent out a press ...

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peer-review Article
9 Comments » July 22, 2005

Extreme Faith Bulletin

You may have noticed that we launched a new section, Peer Review. In the past we’ve done some marketing reviews, but they were often scattered, not officially submitted, and not ...

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news-updates Article
No Comments » July 21, 2005

Ministry in Motion Interview

Seems like we forgot to mention an interview with our very own Kevin D. Hendricks (hey, that’s me!) that appeared in the e-zine Ministry in Motion back in May. I ...

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off-the-wall Article
9 Comments » July 21, 2005

Church Signs that Suck

A couple weeks ago we were pointed to Crummy Church Signs, a site that lists bad church sign slogans. Nothing like a kindred spirit. Check out a few of the ...

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interviews Article
5 Comments » July 20, 2005

Church Communications Minister Gene Mason

Gene Mason is the Communications Minister at the 5,000-member The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Ala. He’s been doing communications ministry in local churches for 18 years, and this ...

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technology Article
No Comments » July 19, 2005

Search Engine Marketing for Churches

Last week we talked about a church successfully using keyword advertising. The story was mentioned in an article from the Search Engine Guide and covers churches and search engine marketing. ...

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technology Article
4 Comments » July 19, 2005

Bob Lutz: Jump Into Blogging

Some days I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but in case you’ve missed our previous calls for pastors to blog, maybe you’ll listen to General Motors vice chairman ...

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examples Article
2 Comments » July 18, 2005

Church Marketing Case Study: The Perfect Job

Graphic designer Corey Witt recently e-mailed us about a church marketing case study he posted on his site. Richfield Community Church in Yorba Linda, Calif. was the client and they ...

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examples Article
10 Comments » July 14, 2005

Learning from Churches that Work

Terry Storch (who brought us Church Marketing Sucks, What Works For You?) along with Tony Morgan have put together a list of Top 10 Innovative Churches. Every church’s web site ...

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